Our Story

Verity Commercial was founded on the simple premise that we want to change the way people think and act about real estate. We have learned that to do this we must first simplify the complexity. Without the proper knowledge, systems and processes, it’s easy to make decisions that cost you money and restrict your ability to control the business, creating a negative impact on the value of your enterprise, impeding growth opportunities and wealth creation.


There is often a significant disconnect between how buildings are marketed and how tenants really look at their real estate options. Likewise, there is significant disconnect among the complex ecosystems that make up the commercial real estate industry. People are conditioned to utilize real estate services solely as a procurement and negotiating tool. Once a deal (contract/lease) is consummated, it is generally left to the client to navigate their own way through this complex ecosystem. Clients are left to contemplate a never-ending array of decisions and services including designers, contractors, financing, furniture vendors, telephone and IT requirements, security, accountants and tax advisors, attorneys—the list goes on and on. Verity was created to be an integrated strategic resource to guide our clients through this complex environment.


Verity’s culture is deeply rooted on the basis of Trust, Teamwork, and Desire. The firm’s founders, Herman and Ken, are entrepreneurs with a business foundation based on value and culturally driven companies where they learned not to accept the norm and give customers a better product and better service. Herman spent his formative career years as an early employee of the phenomenally successful contractor DPR Construction, while Ken started his career with two newly formed but passionately branded firms, Snapple and Nantucket Nectars. The two had met each other during a transaction with each representing the differing sides. Herman and Ken found they shared very similar values and an audacious vision to improve the commercial real estate industry, which compelled them to start Verity Commercial in 2010.


Verity: Simplifying Complexity