Benefits to Leasing Space

When’s the last time someone in your business looked at your lease?


Most businesses don’t evaluate their lease until the lease is almost up. To them, the lease agreement is simply a fixed expense on their accounting ledger. By treating probably one of the highest costs on the expense side of the ledger, the only strategy they can utilize to save money in the future is to negotiate when the lease is up or consider other real estate options, thus continuing to treat your lease as an expense instead of a strategy.


But there are many hidden benefits to leasing space that many companies don’t consider. When you manage the complexity of real estate from the standpoint of a business strategy, you begin to see just how flexible leases can be.


If you haven’t looked at your lease in a while, it may be time to do just that.


Specific Advantages for Lease Holders

If you have a lease, there are a number of advantages waiting to be utilized to their full potential:

  • Current Lease Options. How often do you look over your lease to find hidden benefits you haven’t explored? Many businesses forget about the options they initially signed on for
  • Additional  Expenses. Are the pass through being calculated correctly, or are you being charged for thing you shouldn’t be?
  • Tax advantages.  Have you taken advantage of all tax benefits that can be utilized?
  • Functionality and/or Branding.  Is the space configured and designed to maximize the productivity and presentation of your business?
  • Cash Flow.  Are there opportunities to enhance your cash flow hidden within your lease?


Of course there could be many other advantages you may be overlooking, but another is the advantage of evaluating your lease as a business strategy and how well your it contributing to enhancing your companies enterprise value. Finding the space and negotiating the lease are the easier transactions in real estate, but ensuring the lease is not just an expense requires experience and expertise not only in real estate but in business.


When is the last time you leveraged your lease to create value to  your business or enhance your wealth creation goals?

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