Welcome To The Strategic Real Estate Blog

Well, we’ve never considered ourselves to be “bloggers,” and if you know us, we’re as surprised that we’re hosting a blog as you are to be reading ours. So, the question is “with all of the information out there, and all of the tasks that keep us more than busy, what makes this blog worthy your time and attention?”


While we’ve been involved in the real estate industry for more than 20 years each, and in 2010 founded Verity; we’ve never really considered ourselves real estate people. We’ve always considered ourselves first and foremost businesspeople.


It’s the reason we’ve been so successful. While real estate agents are always chasing the next transaction, our focus has always been on how we can help our clients make real estate decisions that enable them to achieve their desired results more easily. In serving our clients we’ve seen the disconnect that naturally exists in the industry. We’ve seen, time and time again, smart business people make less than smart decisions.


The goal of this blog to help bridge that chasm. It’s our goal to help your business succeed. We’ll share our knowledge, experience and insights so that you can transform your real estate management into a driver of business growth.


In the process, we hope you’ll share your insights, experiences and questions. This blog will only be successful to the level that you find it relevant, so please share. In the process, we’ll both learn, grow and, who knows, we may even connect.

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